Monday, 10 November 2014

Riders from hell...Oops Mumbai

From my past 15 years experiences of riding and driving on Mumbai roads, below are my observations and conclusions (To be taken with a pinch of salt)

86% riders and drivers are colour blind

Nothing else explains why most people still zoom through amber and red signals

78% believe strongly in instant teleportation

Why else would passengers in a car not wear seat belts!!

85% bikers wear helmets to save the 100/- fine from the next "Pandu" hiding behind the next signal

The sensitive brain within the skull be damned!

94% Mumbaikars feel a serious lack of adventure sports

Just look at the way most ride / drive on our roads!!

100% believe that the more expensive their car / bike, the more right they have to "own the road"

56% believe that the folks observing signals and road rules are not "brave enough to tackle our roads"

87% believe that just tying a holy thread or sticking pictures of Gods on their vehicle is enough to get them out of anything...

Forget driving skills, road manners or etiquette!!

97% Pillion riders, especially women believe that their "dupatta or scarf" is enough to protect their heads from a crash at a speed of 40kmph+

76% do not believe in the laws of physics...

Why else would they try the unbelievable "stunts" while overtaking other vehicles

87% bike riders who are married and have a kid / kids aspire to work or have worked in a circus

How else can we explain the crazy balancing acts with 2-3..sometimes even 4 or more kids on one bike!! (...and their better half as well)

89% bikers at the front of the traffic at a red signal are aspiring jet fighter pilots

99% cops believe they are demi-gods and are immune to any & all accidents

How often have you seen a cop wearing.a helmet or a seat belt??

74%% pedestrians believe in the concept of cheap ways to have near death experiences on a daily basis

Have you seen the way most people run from one side of the road to the other through oncoming traffic??

45% bikers believe that footpaths are the government's way of "arranging a little off-roading within the city"

(Please avoid this!!! It's extremely dangerous!!!)

Apparently a lemon and a chilli can do what a well serviced vehicle with good grip tyres cannot

Please ride and drive safe...If not for your own safety, then at least for that of your family's and of those that love their families.

God Bless...Ride Safe
- Diago